“The Giver”


The book up for review is “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.

This is a short book. Our main character, Jonas, lives in a world of sameness. Everyone lives by a set of rules which limits their freedoms, they just don’t know it. Every family has two children which they have to apply for as well as having to apply for a spouse. The sameness continues with what people wear, eat and even the bikes they ride.

At the age of 12 each child is selected for a particular job in the community. They will continue to go to school but will be in training for their job. For Jonas he will be the new Receiver and will be trained by the Giver. It is here that the young lad learned about books, history and even more fascinating the colors of the rainbow.

I thoroughly loved this book. It kept you going as the pages flew. It made me think of a few books and movies that have been based on this concept of sameness. I however wish the book had been longer that is how much I enjoyed reading it. However the ending left me unsatisfied. Knowing there is a second book after is helpful, for if this was a stand alone book the ending would not work for me at all.

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