Author showcase/Guest post/More

I believe in writers helping writers. This is one reason I do so many book reviews for authors. I also believe in sharing blogs, author interviews, and more with authors. So, I am adding a new dimension to this page. With the reviews, I will also be showcasing authors here as well.

If you are interested in sharing and supporting each other here just contact me. This can include sharing cover release, presale books, media kits among just a few. Let’s help each other out.

If you are interested in guest posting on this site, reach out through my contact form with ideas that you might want to talk about. The topic matter should be about writing, authors, bloggers, books, and things of that nature.

I am still working out the kinks when it comes to interviewing authors. When time permits for me to get that done I will update this section.

If you would like to post a review on a book you have read, let’s do that. If you would like to recommend a book and the reason why I’m all for that as well.

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