This book review is “Clara” by Suzanna J. Linton.

One learns about our main character, Clara, starting from a young age where through a cruel fate of events is sold into slavery. She is bought by a wealthy owner who places her in the kitchen to work and help the cook. It is here we learn she has lost the ability to speak. Not knowing her name she is attached to the name of Mouse.

It doesn’t take long for her true potential to shine through as a vision fills her mind about a threat to her master. It is then revealed she has an ability to see in the future. The master and all inside now know they a young seer in their mist. She is still treated as a slave as a collar is placed around her neck and she is changed up and lead by a chain for those in charge of her. But now all eyes are on her for any future visions. Clara has lost all hope of things getting better.

Life gets better when her master and those in power are overthrown by rebels. Here enters Gavin, a gentle soldier who falls in love with the quiet lady. He is not the only one to has feelings for her. Emmerich, a man who wants to avenge the death of his family and win the heart of Clara along the way is in charge of the revolt. But danger is still around her as war continues between the rebellion and nobility who has wizards working for him. He wants Clara to be his court seer and will do what he has to do to get her.

I do wish the origin of her muteness had been developed so we could dive into her world a bit more fully. It was such a huge part of her character and it was remarked on numerous times, that I wanted to know more. Now that I’ve said that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Clara” that took me on an exciting adventure from page one. The characters were developed enough to where you started rooting for some characters while others not so much. The pace was really good as the pages flew by.

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