“Dog Bone Soup: A Boomer’s Journey”



The book for review is “Dog Bone Soup: A Boomer’s Journey by Bette Stevens. It falls in the genre of historical fiction.

Meet the Daniel family. A family that is living during the 50’s to 60’s. They live in a run down home that doesn’t have indoor plumbing. They struggle to keep food on the table let alone groceries in the fridge.

A family of six sees the harshest of troubles with a father who is a drunk and rarely home. When he is home he has no problem beating his wife. A mother who is doing her best to keep her family together yet still in the darkest times doesn’t want to accept charity from anyone. Even when she makes soups from left over bones they get from the store.

The story is seen through the eyes of Shawn, the eldest child, who takes on the role of man of the house to help his siblings grow up in what is their normal. But while he is doing that he has plans. Plans to leave and make a life of his own and break the cycle of being hungry, being poor and just barely surviving.

My thoughts:

This is a great coming of age story that brings you up by your shoestrings and tears as your heart as you read the struggles. Struggles that too many of us have gone through.

You will feel for Shawn and this family. I kept on turning the pages in hopes that something would go right for them. One can’t help but root for Shawn to make it.

This is a great read.

“Connect The Dots For Kids Ages 4-8”


The book for review today is “Connect The Dots Book For Kids Ages 4-8: Challenging and Fun Dot to Dot Puzzles for Kids, Toddlers, Boys and Girls Ages 4-6, 6-8” by Activity Nest.

You will find 30 puzzles for children to enjoy. There is also a nice variety of things inside to get the children excited about. Children will learn reinforcements of their numbers as they do these activities. The pages are nice sized so it gives the child space to do these.

My thoughts:

The age group I am unsure of. Some could fit for the younger range while others not so much. That could be discouraging to a young child. Some of the numbers are close together which can get messy.

I am not a fan of the price. I know though that is not always dictated by the author.

I liked the variety in this book. There is bound to be quite a few pictures that each age group will like. I liked the size of the page. It gives a child the room to have fun.

The suggestion that the children can color the pages after it is done is a good one for it gives another activity for the child to do.

Overall a nice pick up for your child.