Sharon is a native of New England, raised in Northern Maine. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son. She is owned by a flock of  rescued birds.

Sharon has a B.S. degree in Chemistry. On the side she love to read,walk, exercise, go to the movies and listen to music. Sharon is a budding bird watcher on the side. She is a huge sports fan which includes baseball,basketball hockey and football. She is also a shutterbug and is always looking for the next big shot.

The authors you would see in her bookshelves would be Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Bentley Little and James Patterson.

Edit: A new rule is being implemented. I always ask authors who ask me to review to read my rules and agree to them.  But I know there is a chance authors will say yes just for me to review their book. If an author has agreed to my rules and still get upset with how I did it this will be placed in my review. I will write how how his author was not happy with how I did the review which is laid out below and was agreed upon. 


How I Review:

Genre: I generally read a variety of genres. I truly believe even if a book is out of my genre one can still critique the pace and flow, the development of characters, loop holes and the likes. 

But there are some things that are so out of my wheelhouse that I will pass such as textbooks, technical books or anything with computer language. I will not review a book if it contains subject matter such as rape/violence to women, men, children or animals. Romance, science fiction, fantasy, erotica and time travel I just have no desire to read.  There are times no matter how hard I try I am just not able to finish a book. This could be for a number of reasons: errors, pacing is slow, more show than tell, dialogue is flat, the characters are also flat, lost interest and so on. I won’t place a review up in those cases. I am not trying to put up harmful reviews to tear down an author. It is hard enough as it is to write a book with all that it takes to do so. 

Word Count: I will give a review in the range of 200-350 in word count. Anything past that tends to get to bogged down and one might lose the readers. If a book is low on word count then the review will be in the range of 100-200. These normally include flash fiction, short stories, children’s short books and the likes.

Your Review: It will be unbiased. The rating given will be on pace/flow, character development, loose ends, plot and the general feel of the novel.  If the author would like to see the review prior to it being placed online that can be done. However I will not change my review to suit how you want it done.  Also I will not hold back a review once I have taken the time to read a book and write a piece on it. Time frame for when a book review is read and reviewed does vary, I go on my time schedule, the amount of  books I have to read and review and things going on here at home.

The Reviews:  Please don’t ask for me to review multiple books right after I have done a review for you. It is not fair to other authors who are wanting reviews let alone myself who is a fellow author.

I take reviewing each book seriously.  I’m an author who loves helping other authors out.

But there will be times my own writings will take precedent over reviews. As fellow authors you know what goes on in getting a book out.



7 thoughts on “About/Rules

  1. http://booksbyjudithvictoriadouglas.wordpress.com (I consider it unfinished)
    Hi, I’m Judith. Since your “About” says nothing about your review policy and I don’t see fantasy or science fiction listed in your categories I was wondering if you would be interested in reading mine. I also have a romance suspense, but that isn’t listed either. Check out my sites and send and email if your interested. I can send a PDF copy, it that’s okay.

    • I am so happy you posted this for duh I had not done that. That is something I will work on for it is good thinking on your part for me to have that listed. As for what I read… anything. Even if it is not the genre I gravitate to the reviewing process is still the same to me. I still have to look for loopholes,flow, pace, development of characters, the hook and so on. Those all matter regardless what book has been written. So let me write you now so we can ge this started. 🙂

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    • Go to contact on this site and send me an email and we can further discuss this. Please read the rules on reviewing, and let me know if you are okay with them. As you can see under my Reviewing I already have 12 books to read and review. I never give a time frame for I am an author as well. My second book just got picked up for publication and I will be self publishing and releasing a book in January. I never read/review in November and now it is the holidays. This just goes back to how I don’t give a time frame on when the review will be up. But get back to me once you read the rules and I will see if I can squeeze you in, no guarantee.

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