“The Mess Detectives and The Case of the Lost Temper”



The book fore review is “The Mess Detectives and The Case of the Lost Temper” by Karen Poth.

This is a I Can Read book level 1 which means it involves simple sentences for eager new readers. It has short sentences, familiar words and simple concepts for children who are learning to read on their own.

It involves our two characters Detective Larry and his partner Bob, they solve mysteries. As the pages turn the reader will discover they are on the prowl to discover who was behind the mystery of slammed doors, the culprit is the Masked Door Slammer. The detectives are not having any luck until a call comes in from Mr. Carrot who has just heard a door slam. Could they get their in time to catch the evil door slammer or will he foil them again?

It doesn’t help that Bob is getting visibly upset as he and Bob try to form a plan on what to do. It also doesn’t help that Larry ordering a pizza which just adds to Bob’s frustration.

As a reviewer for Booksneeze we have to come up with a 300 word review which is hard for a book that took me less then 30 seconds to read. To review this book one has to remember who it is written for and what they are expecting and what they can handle at this age. While I thought the concept of the story was weak that makes absolutely no difference. The words are simple the sentence simple which is perfect for those learning to read. This book gives them this. The pictures are colorful and interact well with the story line which helps bring the book to life which is great again for readers of this age level. A beginner reader can easily go through this book with ease and give them the confidence of reading and also the motivation to read more. And with all of that this book works, it absolutely works.

This book was receive for free in exchanged for two honest reviews.

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