“They Came For Freedom”


The book for review is “ They Came For Freedom: The Forgotten, Epic Adventure Of The Pilgrims” by Jay Milbrandt. This book falls in the genre of history, United States and Colonial period.

Every year we celebrate the history of the pilgrims in the Americas in November. We know the basics but this book brings about the so much more information that little of us really know about. How many really know the behind scenes of these brave people who fled all they knew to a new world where they lived with the chance of death at every turn?

This book tells us of these men and women and their start in Europe and the struggles they had with religion and the state of affairs with the rulers in placed. It includes the planning involved, the law, the near miss and the many times they were stopped in finding a spot for them to practice their religion.

The sacrifices that were made, the riches they did not have to make such a journey to procure a ship and the resources for supplies to make it to the New World. They were persecuted and yet they continued believing in celebrating their faith separate from the official Elizabethan Church of England.

By the time they made their journey across the ocean their troubles were still not over. The sickness, the deaths, long trip and low amounts of supplies were just the tip of the iceberg as they braved together .

Once they reached the Americas they faced a whole new series of trials and dangers but they persevered through rivals with Indians, new settlers that kept arriving from Europe, lack of food and barely any material to maintain any kind of living.

This was a fascinating book and it gave me a window into out history. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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“Truth Doesn’t Have A Side”

The book for review is “ Truth Doesn’t Have A Side: My Alarming Discovery about the Danger of Contact Sports” by Dr. Bennet Omalu. This book falls in the genre of sports and recreation and football.

Dr. Benet, in the early 2000’s examined the body of Mike Webster, a former football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. What he discovered was the body of man way beyond his actual age of 50. What he found got him started on a long journey in the discovery of CTE.

To get to this point you learn about what it took for Bennet to get to this point. He was born in Nigeria to a loving and God-fearing family. With his father deciding for him on what he was going to college for Bennet started on the road to become a doctor. This was an unlikely choice for him, a boy who wanted to be pilot. He didn’t like being around people let alone patients.

The journey from college to his dream of living in the U.S. took many years. He learned many lessons as far as discrimination of being black and being from Nigeria. The road was long and hard but he kept at it.

With a lot of help from people around him who mentored and supported him his path ended up with becoming a pathologist. He didn’t know when he first examined Mr. Webster how much anger and opposition he would receive. While he was trying to show to the world the dangers of contact sports and the side effects of contact sports he questioned many times if this was what he was support to do.

But he kept at it by relying on his faith and supports taking on the multifaceted business of the NFL but knowing what he knew and what is as take he continues still

I simply loved this book. As a sports fan, especially football and having a favorite team in toe, this really just made me appreciate all that this man is trying to do for all of us.It’s time we all truly listen.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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