“When Do I Love You?”


The book for review is “When Do I Love You?” which is illustrated by Marta Cabrol. This book falls in the genre of juvenile fiction, religious, Christian and family.

When do I love you. Little duck? Is it at home? Is it at school? No, it is in a truck. When do I love you, little bear? Is it at grandma’s? Is it at the park? No, it is when we are playing at the fair.

Little lizard when do I love you? When w are in a blizzard no doubt. Little moose where do I love you? In the woods? At home? Most definitely I love you on a train while siting in a caboose. Little dog where do I love you? Out at the park? On the beach? When we are trotting through the fog? Yes.

This delightful book shows a little one that they are loved in many situations , in many different places and in doing a host of things. They will learn they are loved, period as they go through the pages and enjoy the adventure.

This board book is a sweet one. It is lovely illustrated with colorful animals and scenes as they go through the book with rhyme as they learn and bond with their family. It is a sturdy book that one can read on their own or just go through for the pictures. It can also be a great way for parents to read to their children as they enjoy the message on the inside. The words are easy to read if your young one is just learning to read. This is a perfect book to start off with. It is perfect to give as a gift as well.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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“The Cow Said Neigh!”


The book for review is “The Cow said Neigh!(picture book): A Farm Story” by Rory Feek and illustrated by Bruno Robert. This book falls in the genre of juvenile fiction,animals and farm animals.

What would do if animals no longer did animal things?

There once was a cow who could see a horse. He wanted to be like that horse so he let out a big

NEIGH! The horse heard him and looked at the duck. He wanted to be like that duck so he said QUACK!

But oh that isn’t where it stops. The duck heard the horse and saw the sheep. Seeing what he liked he let out a huge BAA!

This book dives in animals being different from what we would expect of animals by trying to be some other animals. It is full of rhymes and colorful pictures that are beautifully illustrated. This book is fun for all involved as the page are turned. The words are the right level for those just learning how to read. So either they can read it themselves or bond with a parent who will read it for therm.

I really enjoyed this book. With it being a picture board book it is very sturdy for a young one to hold and it should hold up pretty good. The rhyming is just right. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed this book even at my age. The ending surprised me. I am surprised I was surprised but loved it. This book is a great book to start off with. I normally give these books away in a book exchange program but instead I will be passing this on along to a little boy that I know. He is bound to enjoy it.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review

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