“Lessons From The Len Master”


The book for review is “Lessons from the Len Master: Business and Life Lessons Learned by a Grateful Son” by Ron Zayas. This falls into the category of self help and business. Also, it is placed in non fiction.

Everyone is looking for the secret to success regardless of what their business is. Some fail, some don’t while others fall in various degrees.

Meet our author, Ron Zayas, who was fortunate and blessed to have a strong and wise father. With that came wisdom Ron applied in every day life and his career.

The book is divided into two sections. The first includes three lessons to succeed in business. The second part includes three lessons to succeed in life.

Drawing from what he learned Ron has put together a book that has charm, laughter and in some instance just good old common sense.

At first when I started to read I was not sure how this could apply to me being someone not in the high end business field. But I kept reading and I was glad I did. For this book was a delight. Whether you use all his advice, some or just one or two I think you wont be disappointed.

“Watching Glass Shatter”


The book for review is “Watching Glass Shatter” by James J. Cudney. It falls in the genre of drama.

After what seems a lifetime of marriage Olivia’s husband Ben dies. Gone now are the dreams she had for when Ben would retire. It included to travel and enjoy retirement. Being contacted by their lawyer she is handed two envelopes. One of which contains a secret he has held on to her for decades. One that can destroy her family if she let it get out of hand.

Before her are their five strapping sons each with their own inner turmoil. Adding to that is the fact one of them is not a biological son of Olivia and Ben. But which one is it? She doesn’t know. A private detective is on the hunt to discover that out for her.

While Olivia is waiting she visits each son, learning about them things that she never knew, secrets being kept and a discovery of what their family is made up of. Will the family survive? She will try her best to do just that.

My thoughts:

Another winner in Cudney’s list of books. His development of his characters once again shines through from the pages. I rarely read books about family dynamics but I am glad I did.

What was awesome about it? The pacing, dialogue, characters, suspense and heck the whole book. I went through this book in mere days. The only thing that stopped me from finishing sooner was having long days of work and being tired when I would pick up the book to read. You won’t regret picking this book up. You won’t.