“I Think You’re Wrong”

The book for review is “I Think You’re Wrong ( But I’m Listening): a guide to grace-filled political conversations by Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers. This falls in the genre of self-help and communication and social skills according to the publishers.

The country has been divided on many things over the years but it seems ever more so since the 2016 elections. You have people at odds over the topics of women’s rights, health care, safety at the borders, the budget and so much more.

Enter our two authors Sarah and Beth who happen to be two working moms who run a podcast discussing the issues of our country. Their favorite saying is to take off our jerseys and to listen to each to each other. They are also are taking from opposite sides of the political spectrum.

They discuss the topics that are dividing our country and the anger and conflict that ensues from it. Through their program they believe that we can

• choose to respect the dignity of every person,
• choose to recognize that issues are nuanced and can’t be reduced to political talking points,
• choose to listen in order to understand,
• choose gentleness and patience.

If one just listens maybe things can change.

When I first received this book I saw immediately that I had requested the wrong book but I decided what the heck. This book and the opinions of the authors will either get you angry or make you nod in agreement. It is not a quick read by any means. There was a lot that I just did not agree but ultimately I do agree with the ultimate theme which is to listen to each other. That is the first step and any part of any conversation. The points mentioned I won’t all use but there are nuggets that are worth checking into for me personally.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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“The Baggage Handler”


The book for review is “The Baggage Handler” by David Rawlings. It falls in the genre of fiction according to the publisher of this  book.

Meet our main characters: Michael, Gillian and David. They are traveling for a try out with a coach at a n university, a wedding and a business presentation. All are nervous about what awaits them and not really wanting to go to their final destination.

So of course life goes wrong. As they all descend to the baggage carousel to retrieve their luggage they continue on their journey. One simple problem but one that proves disasters. They all end up with the wrong suitcase. Items they need are nowhere to be found.
Needing to continue with their purpose they all return to the airport to get their suitcase.

Simple? No.

A baggage claimer is present to help each one get this sorted out. Each person gets to wait in their own waiting room. Upon getting their suitcase they soon learn it is heavy. So heavy they can’t move it one big.

Their baggage has taken on a new meaning. Their suitcase carries their belongings but something more. Something they never packed but now is presence to show them they carry so much more that material things. Each resisting at first to make the change they need to make.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Each character was well done and you were curious how their story would play out. The baggage that we all carry, that may not always be visible, is an important message we need to pay attention to.

Even though it was kind of easy to figure out how it would all play out it was still a good book to read. I just wish it had been longer and a little  bit harder to figure out the ending.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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