“Auschwitz Lullaby”

The book for review is “Auschwitz Lullaby: A Novel by Mario Escobar. This falls in the genre of WW II and a story based on true events.

On any normal day Helene Hannemann is getting her five children ready for school when the German police show up. She is of German decent but her husband’s lineage is gypsy. While she fears for her family they have been left alone until now.

Her children and husband are being sent to a concentration camp. She however is allowed to stay due to her heritage but where her family goes Helene goes. It takes days to reach their destination while herded in a cattle car and forced to stand up the entire time with little foot or water.

They end up at Auschwitz where her husband is separated from her and the kids to where they don’t know. The first few days are stressful, frightening and horrific. With Helene being a nurse she is sent to work in the camp hospital while a kind lady in camp watches over her children. Her boss is Dr. Mengele.

Helene gets some perks when the doctor decides to open up a school for the children. She knows he is up to no good but the benefits for the children is worth her taking this job on.

It helps with the long days while being separated from her husband and the chaos of the camp. Due to her strength and generosity to others she soon becomes a figure to depend on.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As a history buff I was excited to read this book and it didn’t disappoint. The character of our main character was uplifting and spiritual as she took on the worse of human kind and kept on fighting for others. Even though I felt the ending could be incredibly sad it was worth to read to learn about this amazing woman who people need to read about.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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Boundaries For Your Soul

The book for review I “Boundaries For Your Soul” by Alison Cook,PhD and Kimberly Miller, MTh, LMFT. This fall in the genre of religion, Christian life and personal growth.

Does your emotions control you, your life and those around you? A lot of us let guilt, anger, doubt and criticizing ourself that it is all we do and all we know how to do. But we don’t have give up hope in fact we can handle these emotions. This novel  shows you how to handle the chaos. It will help you learn to overcome, understand and move to a better place.

The book is divided into sections such as reimaging your soul, the five steps of making a you turn and working with problematic emotions.

To start off with a small quiz that will give you an inner look at yourself. There you learn the three parts of you which are managers, firefighters and exiles. Managers are the protectors. Firefighters are the part that help keep you from emotion pain in your life. The exiles helps us deny or put into hiding the emotions and event that hurt.

You will also fine examples from real people who have been dealt and painful blow and that is examined on how they can heal.

Between the covers dives into what is hiding, what is out there and what is keeping you from being happy.

I really enjoyed this book. The quote before each chapter was perfect for the material that was about to be described. I usually give the books I receive for free but this one is to filled with highlights and notes that I did while reading it. The way it is laid out gives me hope that I can also tackle the inner parts of myself that are hurtful.

This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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