The book for review is “Refugees: Mud, Rocks, and Trees Book 1” by R.A. Denny. This book falls in the genre of fantasy.

Meet our main characters: Amanki of the Mud people, Moshoi of the Rock people and Brina of the Tree people. They live among humans but keep to themselves when needed.

They all have destinies, similar one, which is to look out for a bright star. Upon finding it they are to embark on their journey to a city they never been before or even heard off. Their teacher and guide, Baskrod , has been preparing them. He visits them each yearly to check on their progress and to continue their teachings. But nothing every goes according to plan when the tribe of cat riders attack the tree dwellers killing a glider. In doing so the King’s son is captured.

The mud dweller is overshadowed by his family to not believe in such fantasy and to ignore what he has been told. That all changes when his village is destroyed and his people killed. He now strives to kill those who have done this and also start on his journey.

The rock dweller has his own issue. He and his younger brother are following the star and come across dangers from all sides but they continue to follow the star.

I am not something who normally reads a book in this genre. I have to admit by the first two or three pages I was excited to read more. I read it in a matter of days. The characters were well done. The plot line and settings were also very well done. I truly enjoyed this book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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“If I Live”

The book for review is “If I Die:If I Run Series Book 3” by Terri Blackstock- New York Times Bestselling Author. This book falls in the genre of fiction and action.

Meet our main character, Casey Cox, who is on the run for murder. Fortunately she has someone in her corner. Dylan Roberts, an investigator in the case, who once was out for her is now doing what he can to help her stay safe and trying to clear her good name.

Her face and name is all over the news though and she must be careful in what she does before someone spots her regardless of the wig, makeup and clothes that she wears.

It’s bad enough that the cops looking for her are corrupted and need to find her before it blows up in her face. Who can they trust? They really don’t know. They could be on their own for all they know. Between burner phones, emails and Dylan’s friend helping they are getting closer in solving the murder. The case takes a dip when an attempt on Dylan’s life is made.

I did enjoy this book. The pace was really good and kept my interest as I wanted to see what was going to happen next. The characters were liked and we wanted them to be okay at the end. But it was easy to figure out how it was going to end you just had to read to see how. I didn’t realize this book was the third in a series but I had no problem picking up what I had missed in the previous books to know what was going on. I was not lost. That to me shows how well this was written.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

This book comes out March 6th, 2018


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