“Urban Gardening for beginners”


The book for review is “Urban Gardening for beginners” by Marc Thoma. It falls in the genre of gardening and urban.

Have you ever envision having a garden? Maybe you feel you couldn’t due to living in an apartment or a small space. Well, think again.

Inside “Urban Gardening” you will find information on what to know before you grow an inside or outside gardens. The topics covered are many. You will learn:

– nine steps to a successful gardening

-matching your garden to the space you have

-gardening terms

-items you might need

Also included is a nice chart that breaks down common veggies, the zones needed, spacing, water amount and what kind of care required.

There is a section on projects that helps one learn the basic of gardening and how to implement them.

There is so much information inside this book. It is a great book if you are just starting out. I really enjoyed reading it as I learned more of a hobby I love doing.

“Small Steps”


The book for review is “Small Steps” by Louis Sachar. It falls in the genre of teen and young adult.

Meet our main character, Armpit, who is trying to turn his life around after surviving Camp Green Lake. He is back home in Austin, Texas. Taking classes and working he has goals in mind.

Living with his parents who don’t support him he make a new friend, Ginny, who is his neighbor. While they are total opposites it’s is one that makes him feel less alone. That helps especially since now he has a criminal record.

Armpit is making ground that is until X-Ray comes back into his life. They know each other from the camp. His friend has a get rich plot to make them loads of money. Armpit is reluctant but he can’t say no.

The scheme involves scalping tickets to Kaira DeLeon’s concert-the latest pop music star. Things takes a turn when he is befriended by Kaira at the concert. Things take another turn when the cops are interested in speaking to him.

My thoughts:

I picked this up since it came after the book “Holes,” which I absolutely loved.

This is a great book for the age group. The characters have personality, the plot well written and you will want to know how it ends. Even though I am older than the age group I am loving this author and his books.