“Black Sparrow”

The book for review is “Black Sparrow” by A. J. Griffiths-Jones. This falls in the genre of action and adventure.

Normally I start my review with the main character. However, this novel has a few

I will start with Farida who is a Muslim woman with a husband, two kids and who live in London. She is saving money on the side unknown to her husband. After years of marriage she has gained weight and is in a marriage that is another but loving.

Uzma, her daughter, is interested in art and also her art teacher. Stealing money from her mom’s secret account she runs away to Paris to meet up with her lover. The problem being she has not told him he is coming. Arriving at her destination her luggage gets picked up by another passenger. She has his now.

Colin Foster, who has mistakenly taken Uzma’s luggage, goes about his business and to his destination-Collette Joubert’s hotel. He wishes more than a friendship with her.

What Uzma has left behind is a hot mess. Her parents are frantically trying to find her and their shambles of a marriage continues to disintegrate.

The Black Sparrow soon has his next job. What he does not know or anyone else in Paris is that he was hired by Uzma’s dad to do away with her lover who has now disgraced his only daughter.

My thoughts:

This book had me turning the pages quickly as I wanted to know what was going to happen next. The characters were delightfully done, the pace was amazing and the story was weaved exactly how it was suppose to be done.

The ending was perfect. I am so glad I got this book to review.

“Playing In The Rain”


The book for review is “Playing In The Rain” by Sandra J. Jackson. It falls in the genre of YA.

Meet our main character, April, who has lost her memory with some help from her captors. She is fed, clothed and has things to do but she can’t leave. April is not sure how she got there and in fact doesn’t know her name.

J, the man who brings her necessities, also brings the shots to help her with her memory lost. But lately she is starting to remember bits and pieces. Turns out J is reducing the dosage in the hope of her being able to access her memories.

As her memories start to come she gets a roommate. It’s her sister who also has no memories of her own.

As the two sisters get use to each other April realizes she wants more. But more importantly she wants out.

My thoughts:

If Amazon had a rating up to six this would be a six. I am a big fan of YA books. Mrs. Jackson covers all her basis in what is required to write in this genre but she went further.

The pacing? Amazing. The characters? Amazing. The plot? Amazing.

I could not get enough of this book reading it in under two days. Life got in the way.

A wonderful story, great hero that is perfect for this age group and what else to say?

Go out and get this book.