“How To Survive A Robot Uprising”

The book for review is “How To Survive A Robot Uprising:Tips on defending yourself against the coming rebellion” by Daniel H. Wilson. It falls in the genre of humor and fiction

According to the author while this was placed in the humor section it is all too real and we are not to slack off for a potential uprising.

The best way to describe this book is to list some of the chapter titles. You have a/know your enemy b/how to spot a hostile robot c/how to escape a  robot swarm d/fight back just to name a few.

It’s a comedy that will make you laugh out loud, it definitely did for me. But this book is very detailed and covers just about every scenario possible.

The book is not very big and will be a quick read in a pinch. Whether this will happen in my lifetime or further down the road this was a fun read and am glad I picked it up.

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