“Jack Hunter: The French Connection”

I was privilege to be able to read and review this book. It is the second in a series of Jack Hunter adventures.

As a young girl I inhaled the “Trixe Belden” series along with “ The Hardy Boys”. These were both clean fun reading for youngsters. Well Jack Hunter reminds me of those treasures books from my childhood.

This is an action adventure book for YA and for older as well. If you are into detective themes for young adults this is a good place to start.

In this book Jack is back with his friends as they take on France literally to solve another action packed crime. I need to mention that Mr. King is from the UK so the style of writing is a bit different then what we are use to in the US but it does not take away from the story line.

Jack and his friends on bark on a vacation that starts off with a trip on a boat but ends them in parts of France they were never meant to see. This book has crooks, cops, danger, action and bits of humor which should suit anyone.

There are ups and downs as the cast strive to solve yet another crime that keeps them on their toes. The pages kept turning as I wanted to see what was happening on the other side.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.




The book for review is “Thunderlands” by Stewart Bint. It falls in the genre of short stories. What you will find between the covers are 21 short stories and poems that vary in genre.

Among the stories you will find the inner worlds of Santa Clause. Awesome. You will find a character who has an opportunity to meet a real genie in a bottle. Who hasn’t thought of this possibility?

You have stories that will pull you in so many emotional directions. The ability to craft so many stories successfully is just a true testament to the talent of this author.

I have a few favorites but Twitter Bully I loved. In today’s world people are getting bullied from irl to online. Who hasn’t wanted to set someone straight in real life from something you heard online? This was wonderful. It led me up and down, sideways and just made me want to turn the pages quickly.

My thoughts:

As a whole these stories were marvelous. I am drawn to short stories and anthologies. Something about crafting a smaller piece that still needs all the qualities of a larger piece to me is amazing. It is not an easy task but Stewart nailed this.

This is a great read and pickup for anyone who is a fan of short stories.