“Finding Gobi”

The book for review is “Finding Gobi: The True Story of One Little Dog’s Big Journey” by Dion Leonard. It falls in the genre of juvenile nonfiction, animals and general.

Meet our author Dion who is a long distance runner. At the start of the novel the scene is the Gobi Desert in China where the temperature can reach up to 120 degrees. Dion is hoping to do well. He wants to place in the top three but the competition is tough.

The first day goes well for him as he feels confidence starting to fill his mind. The next day he has company but not of the human kind. A small brown-yellowish dog starts to run with him keeping step by step enjoying the run with him. Dion doesn’t know where this dog has come from or who it belongs to but he enjoys the company.

The terrain is ragged and any wrong move can prove serious for any of the competitors. It doesn’t take long for Dion and newly named Gobi to become partners for this race. Gobi sleeping with Dion at night and quite happy about it.

Dion decides he wants to keep Gobi as he has grown an attachment to her. He makes arrangements after the race to bring her from China to his home in Scotland. But that is where crap hits the fan. While Dion and his wife knows it will take a bit of time with the paperwork and needing to quarantine Gobi. He sets up for it to get done with people he met while in China and also with his contacts. One day he learns that Gobi is missing and no one knows where she is.

This is a great book for the genre of juvenile nonfiction. I read the book fast only because it was wanting me to know what happened, how it happened and how did it end. This is a really enjoyable book.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


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“Before You Hit Send”

The book for review is “Before You Hit Send: Preventing Headache and Heartache” by Emerson Eggerichs, PhD. This falls in the genre of self-help and general.

How many times have we texted, tweeted, posted on Facebook or send an email and immediately regretted what we had written? We wish we could go back in time but now have to deal with any fall out.

This book dives into this. Mr. Eggerichs explains there are four parts we need to think about before hitting send. These are: Is it true?, Is it kind?, Is it necessary? And Is it clear?. The book is divided into four parts each section discussing the above mentioned. If we are honest with ourselves and ponder these over we can revamp how we hit send. Examples are given from actual emails or events that the author came across that helps us learn the material in a different way.

Each chapter starts off with scriptures meditation that pertains to the topic at hand. And while there is a spiritual undertone to this book it is not over the top that it might make you put down the book.

I did like this book for who hasn’t sent something they wish they could take back? I loved how the book was divided into the sections for us to work on in our own lives. It was to the point, didn’t bog me down and gave me a lot to think about on what I should do before I hit send. This author wrote it in such a way it wasn’t condescending or scolding.

Usually I give my books away that I receive for reviewing purposes but this is one I will keep for myself to reread.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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