“The Anti-Inflammatory Diet”


The book for review today is “ The Anti-Inflammatory Diet: One-Pot Cookbook” by Ana Reisdorf, MA, RD and Dorothy Calimeris. It falls in the genre of cookbook and health and healing.

This book is chuck full of recipes, 100 to be exact, to help you get on your way to a healthy lifestyle especially if you deal with inflammatory ailments.

In the beginning there is a brief section that is labeled “When Inflammation Hurts”, “Healing Through Smart Food Choices” and a discussion on food that can worsen one’s inflammation. From there you have a section that talks about how to equip your kitchen for the recipes that you will see in the book.

The recipes are laid out well and easy to follow through with the prep and cook time included.

My thoughts:

This was a decent cookbook that one would find on any shelf at home that one would go to regularly. The book was easy to manage and understand. The amount of recipes was really nice to see and I liked how they had the discussions they did in the front of the book prior to the recipes.

I wish however that there had been pictures of the dish with the recipes. Granted with so many recipes that may have not been feasible but it would have made the cookbook more pleasing to the eye.

While the recipes look amazing I know my family would not eat the dishes prepped in this book. So know your family and what they like and look this book over at the bookstore if you can before purchasing to make sure it is a good fit for your family.

I received this book free from Callisto Publishing for a free and unbias review.

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