“how to be nice to yourself”

The book for review is “How to Be Nice to Yourself: The Everyday Guide to Self Compassion: Effective Strategies to Increase Self-Love and Acceptance” by Laura Silberstein-Tirch, PsyD. This falls in the genre of personal growth and self help.

Are you nice to yourself? Take a few minutes to think about this.

Inside the pages of this book you will find techniques and strategies that we can learn to start showing ourselves a little bit of compassion. What you will discover is how to have compassion for your feelings, thoughts, your actions and how to have a compassionate life and how to treat others the same way.

But how will one accomplish this? As with any self help book there are loads of questions to think on and for this particular book breathing exercises to do.

The questions are deep and there is no quick answer to these if you want to get to the goal of being nice to yourself. One must be honest through this process to get to the core of why you are not being nice versus being nice to yourself.

I did enjoy the book. With the way the world is now it is so easy to forget to be nice to one’s self. The book is pretty straight forward.

I received this book for free from Callisto Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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