“Formula of Deception”

The book for review is “Formula of Deception” by Carrie Stuart Parks. This book falls in the genre of fiction and action.

Meet our main character Murphy Anderson. She is in Kodiak, Alaska. What the town people don’t know this is not her full name and her appearance has been changed on purpose to prevent her from being found.

She is running from the man who has murdered her twin sister, Dallas. By some fluke she is now working with the police, they just don’t know she is not who she says she is and her skills aren’t either. Lies upon lies are needed to keep her safe here. The only problem is now she is being known, seen and photographed. Will the killer find her after all?

While helping the police she comes across a huge crime scene that some people prefer to be forgotten. The deeper she gets involved the more people start dying around her. People are noticing. Her home, a basement under a trailer, is burnt down, arson is the cause. It is getting to close for comfort.

I did enjoy this book and read it in a few days. I enjoyed the dialogue and the characters. There are a lot of characters by the way so it can get confusing. One thing I did not enjoy was this. The transition between what we were reading to the ending was so abrupt. It caught me off guard for it came out of the blue. Also the topic used for the transition and ending is one I have seen just way too much in other books

In my opinion this book is not a three. But is it a four I am not sure. With Amazon’s current rating system we have to decide what is the better of the two.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


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