The book for review is “Morton” by Erik Therme

Meet our main character Andy Crowl. He has come into an inheritance courtesy of his now deceased cousin Craig. Having lost touch with him he is taken by surprised at the fortunes he now has and how it was given to him instead of his aunt. But what he really has is a run down house that is in horrible shape and is not much to look at.

Bringing his sister with him he embarks on selling the home and getting out of dodge as soon as possible. If it was only that easy. His cousin has left him clues to an end game Andy does now know about. But he is intrigued and is hoping it will be worth the effort to find a treasure.

It starts with a dead rat underneath the fridge that has a key clutched in its mouth. From there the twist and turns and various clues Andy finds, regardless of where it takes him or rather it damages his already fragile relationship with his sister, might not be all that and where he is doomed to lose.

Craig’s mom who lives in town wants nothing to do with any of this and is of little help. In fact his sister just wants to leave and move on with their lives. What Andy finds is more about his cousin then he expected and wanted to know.

I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This was an interesting book to read, it is a quick read and it will keep your interest. At some point the interaction between the siblings was a bit too much or maybe it was shown or said too much, I am not sure. But it does not take away from the overall view of this book.


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