“The Crooked Path”



The book for review today is “ The Crooked Path” by Irma Joubert. This falls in the genre of fiction and romance.

Our main character is Lettie who while has friends feels she is less pretty, less rich, less close to this or that friend and well just less of the women in her circle.

She has a mad crush on her friend’s brother De Wet who is a well-rounded boy with his looks, athleticism and academics. Still, he is kind to Lettie not knowing how she feels about him. But Lettie is not the only girl who has a crush on him.

Time for college comes around and Lettie begins her studies to become a doctor. She slowly forgets about De Wet, knowing it can never be and it is time to move on with her studies and life in general.

Meet Marco who is an Italian boy who has WWII at his doorsteps. Falling for a pretty girl who is Jewish he helps them escape to the mountain to avoid being caught by the Nazis. But eventually the gig is up. She manages to write to Marco when she can and the letters make it through. Sadly, the imprisonment is too much and she dies. With it Marco barely holds on. He is an emotional and physical wreck.

With Marco’s brother being married to one of Lettie’s friend, and he now lives nearby, it is only a matter of time that these two meet and discover each other. She is not less in his eyes.

This is a feel good romantic book. The pace is nice and you can easily read this book in a matter o days if not less. There are a few twist and turns near the end that I didn’t see coming.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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