“A Simplified Life”


The book for review is “A Simplified Life: tactical tools for intentional living” by Emily Ley. This falls in the genre of self-help and home life.

Our author, Emily, is a mother of three. Life is hectic enough as it is but with three young children it can be down right chaotic. Emily shares ideas, tips and lessons learned from her mother to help us organize and make life frankly just a little bit easier. Some of the topics include are: decluttering your home, learning how to make meal planning less stressful and more relaxing, creating an easy but useful calendar, staying on top of your bills and budget and boundaries with gadgets and the always changing and improving technology.

And this book has more. It covers a good range of areas in your home and family that can be touched on. But what is wonderful is there is a chapter on simplifying yourself, taking care of yourself and making sure you make time for you. It includes a bit on motherhood and even faith.

It is a well-rounded book that touches on really things that moms have to deal with when being a SAM.

At the end of each chapter there are questions to help you get started on working on the topic that chapter is about. I like that it is a hard cover book which makes it sturdy if you follow the ideas, tips and thoughts in-between the pages.

One thing I do need to mention. While the tips are very useful and informative, if you are older and your children are out of the house some of the tips may not be of use to you. But if you are a young mom and trying to get things done easier this is a good book to pick up.

I read this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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