The Lion and the Lamb



The book review for today is “The Lion and the Lamb” by Charles Causey. It falls in the genre of non fiction and historical.

This novel falls in the time frame of World War II and the Holocaust. It revolves primarily around two characters. The first is Albert Speer, a Nazi, who is in Hitler’s most inner circle and Corrie ten Boom a Danish woman who is quite the opposite as she is helping giving Jews shelter who are on the run and helping them escape.

We have Speer who is not a fan of others who Hitler surrounds himself with such as Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goring. As the war progresses the dictator starts to unravel and gets erratic in his decisions making Speer uncertain where his loyalty lies with his leader or with the German people.

Corrie on the other hand is the daughter of a clockmaker who starts to shelter and help Jews with their escape away from the Nazis. It doesn’t take long though for someone to give the ten Boom family up and they end up in jail and soon Corrie and her sister ends up at a concentration camp

The book brings out a lot of emotions from the reader. As a history buff I do a lot of research on World War II and in particular Germany and their leader at the time. The facts listed in the book is corroborated by links and sites to where one can further check out.

This gave me a new insight into two lives that were living as opposite in viewpoint and living status. However the characters interacted in the book whether it is true or a writer’s license it worked for me, I was able to learn more about this time in our history. A good pickup.

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