“Finding Peace With PTSD”


The book for review is “Finding Peace With PTSD” by Joanna Nunez. This book falls in the genre of non-fiction and memoir.

Do you know anyone who has been to war or has suffered a traumatic injury? Do you know someone who suffers and has been diagnosed with PTSD?

Travel inside to a young child growing up with a father who has been to war and has PTSD. The pages within this book is divided into halves. The first part being our author’s personal story about her family and a father who has PTSD. The second half is the clinical aspect of PTSD and as a licensed clinical social worker Mrs. Nunez dives into the science behind it.

As someone who has heard the term mentioned so many times, living in a military town as I do, I only had a layman’s idea of what this exactly was and the true devastation that develops to one’s family, friends and those around him or her.

This book really helped me understand, someone who knows no one who has PTSD, and get a look behind the curtain if you will of what goes on. Mrs. Nunez did a wonderful job of separating the two parts and explaining it well. The stories of her dad, who I have had the fortunate of meeting on a few occasions, will make you cry and make you laugh.

This is a good pick up for someone who wants to learn more for whatever reason.

This book was gifted to me.

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