“Black Iron Mercy”



The book review for today is “Black Iron Mercy” by Eric Schlehein. It falls in the genre of history and the Civil War.

Meet our main character, Arlis Jenkins. It is now 18 years removed from the Battle of Gettysburg. He owns a livery in a small town in Wisconsin. Having a wooden leg, courtesy of the war, Arlis struggles daily with the consequences of what he has seen and done as a member of the Union army.

But unlike other soldiers of his time, Arlis wants to forget, to push it to the back of his mind so he can live his life. He wants to be left alone. Until he finds out through a friend he made during the war how a book has been published concerning the Civil War. The only problem is the facts in the book are distorted and honors are given to others who haven’t earned it. After all he has been through and his friends as well Arlis feels a need to right the wrong.

The book is told is a series of flashbacks such as his upbringing, his first love, the various battles he was a part off and to his life after the war.

I bought this book as a recommendation from a friend and I am glad I went with it. As someone who is trying to learn about this war to hear it from the POV of others is huge. While Arlis is a factious solider other names are correct. The description laid out by this author is spot on amazing. You can almost image what the soldiers of the Civil War went through shy of actually being there.

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