The book review for today is “Unblemished” by Sara Ella. This book is a YA novel and falls in the genre of supernatural fiction.

Meet Eliyana who is our main character. She was born with a birth mark, a blemish if you will, and in her mind she is hideous always trying to hide her appearance. It’s just her mother and her living together. Her father she has no clue of his where about.

If life has not dealt her enough, her mother dies leaving her alone in the hands of a guardian Joshua who is her best friend. A world she hopes Joshua can be a part of. Well that is until she learns he is not who he says he is. She is not who she thinks she is. And her mother? Not dead after all.

El is the one who will save the world hidden behind reflections and mirrors. A world that no one has access to except those who live behind it. Toss in a stalker Eliyana doesn’t know who to believe, what to believe and how this will all end. But it will be up to her to throw an evil man who is powerful and knows more about her then she knows about herself.

I loved the plot for this book. It fits in perfect with the genre and age group it is intended for. The characters I could believe in. They make you want to more about them and what will happen to them.

There were some sections where the pacing was slow. Also some sections that were not needed or were not fully explored. Perhaps a reading by some beta readers would have helped this.

Overall a good read and pick up for those who like this genre.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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