“Twilight at Blueberry Barrens”


The book for review is “Twilight at Blueberry Barrens: A Sunset Cove novel”by Colleen Coble. This falls in the genre of fiction, mystery and a bit of romance.

Meet Kate, a young woman working the family’s blueberry farm In Maine. It is not her ideal job choice but she is bearing the responsibility for her mom who is in prison. Kate is recovering from a serious ailment that almost killed her, She has a great support system in her twin sister Claire who she recently reunited with. They were not raised together.

The blueberry farm is not doing well and the young woman has to come up with a solution to what to do with her life and the farm.

Enter Drake, a self-made man who is taking care of his two nieces who have lost their parents. But it wasn’t an accident, not in his mind, he feels they were murdered.

Renting out a cottage from Kate he hires her as a nanny. This helps with her finances as he tries to figure out what really happened. The money is great and it doesn’t hurt that he is very attractive.

But there is more, there is always more. Someone is stalking Kate and to make matters worse her uncle has escaped from prison. People are being killed in this small town and the law needs to solve the crimes before it happens again.

The pacing of this book was really good, I read the book in just days. The characters were nicely done. I was curious why the twins were not raised together. And while we do eventually learn why, we didn’t find out well into the book. There was another point of the character bringing up her illness a number of times to people who knew about it or where told.

This is a good book to pick up and read.

I received this book for free in exchanger for an honest review.

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