“5 Minutes With Jesus”


The book for review is “5 Minutes with Jesus: A Fresh Infusion of Joy”by Shelia Walsh and with Sherri Gragg. This book falls in the genre of spiritual.

How would you describe the joy in your life? Are you generally a happy person or has life dragged you down to where things look bleak?Inside the pages of “5 Minutes with Jesus” you will find scriptures pertaining to this subject and how to help you see the blessings and gifts we all have.

The chapters each start with reading that will set you up for the scriptures. Before the actual scriptures is a gray box with, to me, a boost of encouragement. A listing of scriptures and where they are found follows which helps those who are interested to read more on this and the surrounding scriptures from that.

The book was beautifully designed, it is not very big so you can place it in your purse if you like. If you are looking to be motivated and get some inner joy, this is a good pick up to read. There is no table of contents but the book is nice sized for you to read five minutes at a time for a little while.

The messages were inspirational and did make me feel better after I was done with each section. Normally when I receive a book for free to review I will pass it on to someone else. I am not so sure I will be doing that this time. I can see me using this multiple times down the road. I plan on adding it to my daily routine.

I do wish however that a there had been added some space for us to write personal notes. I have read books in the past with a similar theme and that feature was one I did appreciate.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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