“Itsy Bitsy Christmas”



The review for today is “Itsy Bitsy Christmas:You’re Never Little For His Love!” by Max Lucado and illustrated by Bruno Merz.

Bitsy and Itsy are two small mice who live in the town of Bethlehem. One day the area is very busy with a lot of hustling and bustling. It’s the time for everyone to get counted. People go to their hometown to sign a book so records can be updated. But the day gets exciting when they come across a donkey by the name of Daniel. He tells them that a King will be coming to town.

At first the mice scoff, Bethlehem is such a small town. But the donkey continues with the message stating the King is coming for all big and small. Needing to tell everyone they know, they embark on informing every one of the good news. No one believes them. Not one animal. They even went to the city gate where leaders of the town go to make decisions. Nothing. Even the camels who are often ridden by Kings tell the two siblings that no King will be coming to this town.

As the day drags on Itsy and Bitsy are discouraged. They start to feel that what Daniel has told them is just not true.

I loved this book. First of all the book does not have paper pages but cardboard like which is perfect for little ones to be rough with as they read the story or as it is read to them. The illustrations are simply amazing. They fit the message of each page. When I first received the book I just loved the design and sturdiness of it. A very attractive looking book for sure with a message for little ones to learn about.

This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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