“Oliver and Jumpy:Stories 49-51”


The book for review is “Oliver and Jumpy: Stories 49-51” by Werner Stejskal.

This book is broken down into three stories. In the first, Ice” you have two friends. Jumpy is helping his friend Joey learn how to skate on the ice. Thinking his friend is doing okay Joey starts to talk to friends. Turning around his friend is no longer in view. Where did he go? Is he playing or is he in danger?

In story “Mice Chase” Oliver is helping the children of his friend Mausi. He is showing them how to run from danger by chasing the kids all over. Only one thing though they don’t all run in the same direction, they split up. That doesn’t go well. He needs to find them all before they get hurt.

The last story is called “Dragon Heart” and is an Oliver and Jumpy adventure. They go through a door to enter a new world where they are c confront by a giant ant. Is she friendly or will she hurt them? But that is not the only thing that they come across. They come upon a dragon. How will this end?

This book has beautiful illustrations for the children to enjoy. The words are the right language for the age group it is meant for. It is a good read for kids to read on their own or for parents to read to them.

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