“The Politician’s Keeper”


The book for review is “The Politician’s Keeper: A Maxwell Stauros novel” by Jeffrey Crosbie. This book falls in the genre of detective mystery.

Meet our main character Maxwell Stauros from San Francisco. He formerly worked in the DA’s office but now does PI work for those in need. His cases normally involve bail jumpers and other unexciting cases. His assistant Lillian is by his side, who is definitely worth her weight in gold. Every thing is as normal as normal can be for this team until the day she walked in. Juliette Holmes is a well put together woman whose husband is being blackmailed. He has cheated, there is a photo and now the blackmailer wants to bleed him dry.

This is not a kind of case they handle but the money is good and all they have to do is delivery the money. Easy as pie. Well if it was as easy as pie there would be no book. There are high-ranking officials that are also implicated. This is big. And with that comes more dangerous elements. No one can afford to let the damning information leak out

First of all I believe this book would have been better if it had gone before a group of writers who would have helped out with the show and tell aspect of the story. One finds this in the book on many occasions.

Now that is said the story line was the right fit for the genre it is in. You have action, mystery, thugs and a bit more all wind up into one. There were some twists nicely woven in.

As for rating it I am unsure. A three is  low but a four is high. It be nice if Amazon would do a rating system that covered halves.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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