The book or review today is “Vegangelical” by Sarah Withrow King. It falls in the genre of religion, Christian life and general.

Our author use to eat meat. Enjoyed it in fact. Until she came to the realization that this was not their purpose, the animals, to be there for us to eat. She is now a vegan.

This book goes into her exploration through scriptures about why she feels it does not say in the bible that we are to eat them for our enjoyment. How the way animals are treated can be cruel and inhuman. Who are we to impost that on them and on our Earth? There are those who feel that if the animal was not harmed or died in peace it is okay.

A good part of this book has from scriptures from the bible that the author draws from. It is heavy with scripture the readers should know this which the author pulls from. How God did not give us dominion over them to hurt or abuse but to watch and take care of them.

I am not sure where I stand on this book. I am with the author in wanting animals not harm, hurt or place in small cramp cages or stalls for our benefits. But on the other hand I am not sure if the interpretation is accurate or just wanting it to be accurate. I do eat meat. I do question where we are going with the Earth being depleted of so many resources one of which is our animals.

If you want to get a different POV of whether we should or should not eat meat using scriptures this book might help you decide either or. There are questions at the end of each chapter that could also help.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

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