“things in ditches”


The book for review is ‘things in ditches: a murder mystery novel” by Jimmy Olsen. This book falls in the genre of murder, action and mystery.

Meet Charlie Benson, a small town law man, who does his job well with what little crime falls his town of Willow River. His department is small. Not much happens here. Until local resident Walleye find a body in a ditch while looking for things to collect.

It isn’t long before Charlie is in on it as well as another sheriff who is in charge of where the body was found. To figure out this mystery Charlie has to do his job and be careful about it before he gets fired.

The local butcher is suspected of being the killer. Why? The dead woman was his mistress years ago. Why would he kill her now after breaking it off a few years back is something that bothers Charlie. It doesn’t help that Dutch, the butcher, makes a break for it. Now everyone is after him from the law, the dead woman’s husband and people out to collect the bounty on Dutch’s head. People are closing in on the suspect and it is a race to see who gets there first.

I am so glad this author asked me to read and review this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The pages went by fast as I wanted to know the ending. You might think you know how it ends but don’t skip anything in between. There are twists that make this book a great read.

This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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