“Sister Eve and The Blue Nun: A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery”


The book for today is “Sister Eve and The Blue Nun: A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery” by Lynne Hinton. This book falls in the genre of fiction and mystery. This is the third book in this series.

Meet Sister Evangeline or Sister Eve as everyone calls her. She is a nun who needs to decide what to do with her life. The home which use to housed monks and nuns now only allow monks to stay at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Pecos, New Mexico. She can be transferred elsewhere or leave her calling. Helping her father who is a detective in the past she has that option. She is good at it.

Soon a friend, Dr, Kelly Middlesworth, who is about to give a speech held at the monastery on recent papers discovered is poisoned. Her brother who is a monk there and a friend of Sister Eve loses it, feeling he is the reason his sister was murdered. It was he who initially discovered the papers with new information of the Blue Nun.

It doesn’t help that he left notes that shines the light on him from the police. Sister Eve takes it upon herself to solve this mystery and prove Brother Anthony didn’t kill his sister.

I started off loving this book. The characters were nicely done. The pages flowed really well. Not having read the first two volumes I had no problems reading this one first. However near the end there just seemed to be information that wasn’t needed and too much of it. This slowed down my reading and in fact I just wanted to skim that part. We see our main character think a lot in her mind. Which is okay but there was so much of it near the ending of this book that it took away from the storyline.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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