“Sisters:The Lives of America’s Suffragists”


The book for review is “Sisters:The Lives of America’s Suffragists”by Jean H. Baker. It falls in the genre of American history and women’s studies.

This novel focuses on some of the main women who took up the cause for women’s suffragist. We have Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Frances Willard and Alice Paul. Each chapter talks about how each woman got started in the cause for the fight for women across the United States to vote.

The stories are varied, some started out with poor childhood to those of privileges. Baker talks about the struggle involved in taking on such a long task, an environment where women can’t vote, where men are in charge of their wife’s property and children, where they are simply to be wed, have children and little more.

Trying to change the system, a system run by men, takes time, fortitude and leadership as these women travel the county and world trying to show and make a stand for women’s rights. Paul even takes on Woodrow Wilson for years, fighting a standing institution that involves being jailed, force-fed and being kept in deplorable conditions.

Different organizations are formed all for the good of women, do they all get along no, do they all fight for the same thing with the same methods? No. But they don’t stop until the Constitution is changed the 19th Amendment is ratified.

I chose this book for my women’s book club that I run. I thought with this being an election year it be good reading. It is not a fast read as there are a lot of details inside the covers. While I knew of some of these women and what they did, it was paled in comparison to what I really knew. This was a great read, very educational and it just confirmed why I vote and why all women should vote.

I really enjoyed reading this book.

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