The book review for today is “Resthaven” by Erik Therme. This book falls into the genres of fiction, and action.

Meet our main character Kaylee. She is new to the area and only knows one person. And not very well actually. Her parents are taking a break from each other. Being the new kid is not easy. Being invited to a home for a small get together of girls Kaylee’s mom drops her off. Her mother thinking it be a great way for her daughter to meet new faces.

It didn’t take long for Kaylee to realize she should have just stayed home. She feels out-of-place and unwanted. But that is before a scavenger hunt is started in an abandoned nursing home that sits at the end of the property.

The party of girls enters and are given a list and flashlight to find the objects. Just wanting to get it over with they start looking for the items. It is there that she comes across a little boy who is deaf and on his own. Seeing bruises on him she is determined to get out and bring him to safety

It doesn’t take to long for crap to hit the fan as Kaylee finds out soon they are locked in. If that isn’t enough, there is a wild man inside trying to thwart their every turn.While in the beginning they were scared thinking the place is haunted, it is much worse than that.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This was a good read especially for the age group it is intended for, YA.

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