“There Will Be Stars”


51M5mrWp0SL._AC_US160_The book for review is “There Will Be Stars” by Billy Coffey. It falls in the genre of fiction and religion.

Meet our main character Bobby Barnes. He is an ex-husband, father of twin boys and a drunk. A happy one at that also. He works better on cars when he is drunk he proclaims. When his boys are with him he is at the happiest. He loves them. They love him. A daily event is going on the back roads for a night right. It is something the boys look forever to when they are with their dad.

One night it all goes wrong. Waking up Bobby doesn’t where he is at, who is with and what time it is. But he still has his boys, so it isn’t so bad. Until he realizes he is in his home town, well not exactly .

There is a small group of people around him, six to be exact who like him are no longer among the living. He just doesn’t know he has died quite yet.

The leader of this group is called Mama, she is in charge of making sure everyone stays together. After all she talks to God, leaving a note in her mailbox every night, a reply being placed back the next day. But Bobby isn’t ready to assimilate with the group. He has not crossed over fully yet.

With the twins at home Bobby prefers to stay with them and block everyone else out. It doesn’t help that what he does one day is erased the next day, giving him a clean slate to tart all over. This can be good but it also can be bad.

I really did like this book. The pace was really good as I kept turning to see what was going to happen. There were some twist I did not anticipate which I absolutely loved. It was a good read.

This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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