“How to Live in Fear”


The book for review is “ How to Live in Fear: Mastering the Art of Freaking Out” by Lance Haln. It falls in the genre of religion, Christian life and spiritual growth.

Lance Haln is the senior pastor of Bridgeway Christian Church in Roseville, California. If anyone would be in master of one’s fear it would be a pastor or so I thought. Well, not so much. In this book we learn about how Lance from a young age would be fearful of a number of things to where he would get anxiety attacks.

The book starts off with Lance’s story from childhood into adult hood citing examples of what his life was like living with an anxiety disorder. Some examples dives into how deep and dark one can go when living in fear.

It describes the disorder to understanding why it happens. There are three keys to know about: root cause, core catalysts and situational triggers. Is this disease environmental or genetics or a combination of both. What launches the fear? Why am I feeling this now?

The book last part goes over how you can live in journey with God while managing your fear.

I really liked this book. The beginning of each chapter had a quote that was suited for the material about to be read. Pastor Hal came across as someone very real and vulnerable as he didn’t hold back on his fear and letting us know how bad it got, even to the point he fell apart in front of his congregation. The message was honest, forth coming and refreshing. It is nice to know we are not alone. Even though I do not suffer from this disorder one can feel a kinship to the author when it comes to fear and being afflicted with something so difficult that it affects our whole lives. This is a good book to read and to pass it on to someone else to read.

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