“Need To Find You”


The review for today is” Need To Find You” by Joseph Souza. I would place this book in genre of action and drama.

Meet our leading lady Yasmine Weeks or Yaz for short. A young lady who is in hiding from the men who have used her for their own greed. Trying to stay low on the scene one night her world changes. That’s when she comes into possession of a cell phone, one that could change the world’s view on one very famous author Robert Cornish. Soon people, the wrong ones, realizes she has it.

Whip Billings is a disgraced state trooper. Going under cover and staying in character caused him to get addicted to substances needed to maintain his profile. Finishing his rehab on the West coast, he return homes to attend his mother’s funeral and maker amends with his father and the woman he skipped out on.

While waiting to get reinstated with the law he takes a case to find a missing graduate student, one who was doing her work on Robert Cornish. The very person who placed incriminating files on her phone. The same phone Yaz  soon gets. He must find her and get that phone. Why? The the drug Kingpin known as The Viking is also trying to find Yaz.

Nobody knows who the Viking is but it is someone Whip has been looking for a very long time.

I really enjoyed this book. I read it quickly wanting to know what was on the next page. The pace was excellent, the characters well-developed. This is a great read.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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