‘The Newsmakers”


The review for today is “The Newsmakers (A Newsmakers Novel) by Lis Wiehl(author) and Sebastian Stuart( contributor). This fits in the genres of fiction and suspense.

Meet our main character Erica Sparks who is an up and rising reporter. From New England she shines until drinking and divorce gets in the way. Recovering and getting back on her feet she rises to become the darling of her area. It is from here that she is noticed from a news center team in New York.

Leaving her daughter behind until she can get settled in, Erica steps into the role with ease. It doesn’t take her long to make headlines with the viewers and her boss. But not everyone is happy. Toes are being stepped on and deals being made behind close doors. But she is determined to make it and reestablish her relationship with her daughter

Everything is going well, through her hard work and determination. That ‘s before a ship crashes, only she is suspicious of the true nature of the tragedy.

Her boss from Global News Network is private, rich and craves power. It doesn’t stop there. Erica finds a way to interview a potential woman presidential candidate who has not made her intentions known yet. By befriending the woman’s mom it shows just how smart and creative she is in getting stories out to the public with her as the byline.

This book was interesting. The pace for me was really nice and there was little stoppage that made me go, “Huh?” This is normally not my kind of book to read and was really not sure what to expect when I opened it up. Parts of it were predictable to me however I did enjoy it.

This book was reviewed for free in exchange for a free review.

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