“Game Over”

51ICM0m5kiL._AA160_The review for today is “Game Over- The Mindware Trilogy Book Three” by Andrew Klavan.

Meet our main character Rick Dial. He is the last of the Mind Warriors. A tall order for a young man with a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. His job is to enter the Realm. This place is a gateway for which our villain, Kurodar, can enter into any computer on planet Earth. If that isn’t bad enough, a connection has formed inside of his brain. Due to this he can be tossed back into the Realm at any time without any notice. Something must be done before Kurodar gets a complete and utter hold on Dial to use him for whatever purpose he so desires.

Rick starts to being unable to determine what is real versus what isn’t. The people he meets in the Realm, are they friend or foe? Are they even real?

Helping him is his father and a secret organization that is doing its best to deal with the Realm. That is until Commander Jonathan Mars arrests Mr Dial and locks him up on trumped-up charges.

And of course there’s a girl, Molly, added into the mix. Rick needs to save his day, save the world and keep the girl.

I did not know this was volume three when I first saw it. It makes absolutely no difference. I was caught up within a few pages of cracking open the book. I loved what I read. The pace was good, the characters you loved and hated which for me works. The pages flew. Mr. Klavan did a marvelous job for this YA book.

If you like unusual monsters from another world, fantasy and actin adventure, you will like this book.

This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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