“War For The Waking World-Dreamtreaders Book 3”


The book for review is “War For The Waking World- Dreamtreaders Book 3 by Wayne Thomas Batson. This book falls in the genre of juvenile fiction, action adventure and fantasy.

Meet Archer Keaton, he is a Dreamtreader as well as his eight year old sister. In this volume the dream world and the waking world are starting to merge, dreams are getting more vivid and dangerous for those around him. It is up to his sister and he to close the rift between the two world.

Standing in his way is Kara, one who is powerful in her own right. But that isn’t all. Archer is on trial for breaking some of the rules of the code all Dreamtreaders live by. Yet he and his sister need to save the world and all who they love and hold dear. Time is of the essence.

First I have to say I honestly thought this was volume 1 when I requested it, so I am coming into this series two books behind.

I was able to catch up easily from what I missed. I had a good sense of what the series was about from the first few pages. However I was not a fan of the family dynamics. The father, a widow and raising two children, seemed to listen to his son and daughter, They were the ones who made the suggestions, who lead the group. I did not like in some dialogue how the children talked to him. They appeared to be the ones in charge. Unless I missed something from the previous volumes that would explain why it was this way.

The action was fast pace and the pages moved quickly. It is a good book for the age group this book is in. This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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