“Churchill’s Trial”



510kl6Os-zL._SS300_The book for review is “ Churchill’s Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government” by Larry P. Arnn. It falls in the genre of history and general.

This book is broken down into three sections that pertains to the trials of this great man’s life. They are entitled War, Empire and Peace

As you start reading it talks about Mr. Churchill as a journalist correspondent, his imprisonment, his escape and much more. We learn about where he started from, his reasons for how he build himself up and move up in the ranks that he sought after.

The book progresses to his views and opinions which was not always popular by those around him. He persisted though. We learn about his time frame with Socialism, Hitler, peace and where he succeeded and where he failed.

You get a good feel of what kind of man he was by his actions mentioned in this book. Throughout the book there are quotes that gives the reader a good insight of the man.

When I was given the change to review this book I did jump at it for Mr. Churchill has fascinated me for his role during WWII. This book is very in-depth and one can get bogged down by the history, the quotes and the precise information given. It is not a quick read and it shouldn’t be. Mr. Arnn really did his homework with the research and compiling the information into one book.

If you are not into books on history, or quotes throughout the book or a slow pace reading this is not for you. If you are however interested in reading, learning about this man in history this would be a good start to doing so.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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