“Chasing Georgia( The Georgia Series, Volume 2)


The book review for today is “Chasing Georgia (The Georgia Series) (Volume 2)” by June V. Bourgo. It falls in the genre of fiction, romance, drama and suspense.

Meet Georgia Charles. When we last saw her she was lost and pregnant in the wilderness while holding up in a cabin alone. There were men following her. Men who had nothing good in mind.

Since then George has moved on with her daughter, the man in her life and the celebrity status due to her adventures. She wants to lead a quiet life. Her daughter is about to start school while her boyfriend’s career keeps him busy. Life is good. Right?

She is approached by her husband’s wife who is dying. Why contact Georgia? Well the woman had a child about the same time as Georgia. The two little girls are half sisters and she is asking Georgia if they can meet. Not only meet but would Georgia be willing to take on the responsibility of raising both girls.

The revelation spirals our leading lady into questioning what she should do and how she should decide. She can’t agree to this, can she? But wait. That is not all that is there to worry about.

I enjoyed reading the continuation of this series. The ups and downs as the pages turned will keep you reading for more.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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