“Whispering Willows: Dark Winter(Volume 2)



The book for review is “Whispering Willows: Dark Winter(Volume 2) by Lauren Boehm Lynch. It falls in the genre of fiction and fantasy.

The adventure continues with our main character Alivia in the world where she reigns. Her two friends are in love with her, one as a sister the other more. But she doesn’t have time for that as the kingdom has been struck with influenza. Everyone is scared at what could happen as the death toll could mount very high.

But the local doctor only has herbs and good intentions to help the good people. Getting her hands dirty, the queen starts to help out among her subjects trying to do all she can and to show everyone she is not just a queen in word alone.

Alivia knows something that only a few know. She is able to go back to where she came from and get modern medicine that can save her people. But one does not want to mess with the ongoing between two worlds. The consequences can effect those from both sides.

If that isn’t enough, one that is close to Alivia is charged with treason. So many decisions to make for a young queen but she needs to be strong or she could lose the very ones she loves.

This is a great continuation from volume one. If you like a hint of romance with fantasy, you might like this book. This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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