“Whispers in the Reading Room”

indexThe book for review is “Whispers in the Reading Room” by Shelley Gray. This book fits in the genre of fiction

Meet Lydia Bancroft who is a librarian in Chicago. She loves her jobs, she loves books and is a pretty smart cookie. She lives with her mother in a smaller home since her father has died. They are not destitute, yet, but things are getting close to it. Her mother’s goal is to keep up appearance of her daughter so she can marry well and uplift the Bancroft to a higher station in life, where they use to be.

Meet Sebastian Marks. A visitor to her library who comes and reads regularly, never saying word, never taking a book out. She doesn’t even know his name until much later.

Lydia is betrothed to a man who in her mother’s eye can raise them to the next level. What they don’t know is the dark side of him, especially since he too is looking for someone with money.

It is not until an accident at the Hartman Hotel where she is having tea with her betrothed that the tide changes as a fight ensues leaving her soon bruised and no longer engaged. Who saves her? Sebastian who has taken a liking to the librarian to whom he has never spoken to.

What Lydia does not know and what he is trying to hide is the fact he owns a club and on the going after hours. He is also one of the most feared man in the city.

I started enjoying this book. The characters were developed nicely. I did not like, and this is just my opinion, the naiveness that was given to Lydia. She did not seem to grow as a character well into this book. If you like a book of romance, where guy saves girl, girl loves guy, guy does anything for girl romance this one is for you.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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