“Never Said”

419ywhfx5LL._AA160_The book for review is “Never Said” by Carol Lynch Williams. The genre is YA and teen fiction.

Meet twin sisters Annie and Sarah. They just turned 16. Annie is a beauty pageant queen who has been very successful on the circuit. The whole family lives, breaths this doing all they can to help Annie do well. Annie is outspoken, a beauty and handles this all brilliantly, the success. Sarah is the twin that is not. She is very shy, has anxiety being among people and considers herself a plain Jane. She feels forgotten by her entire family as everything revolves around Annie.

Until one day Annie starts to gain weight. And not just a bit but a whole lot. It is her choice she keeps telling her family. The family structure falls apart as the twins’ parents spend less time together and drift uncertain what is going on with their beauty queen.

As Annie continues to gain weight and Sarah continues to hold everything inside, the family that use to work like a fine tune machine stops doing so. And no one knows how to fix it. Annie is definitely not sharing what is going on with anyone.

Some chapters were from the POV of Sarah while others were journal entries by Annie. It is through the journals that we start to understand what happened to Annie and what has led her down the path of rebellion. And it is up to Sarah, the shy one to help her sister by speaking out, something that terrifies her to no end but if she doesn’t she could lose her sister and her family for good.

This was an interesting book for it kept you wondering what was the reason the family fell apart.

I received this book for free for an honest review

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