“Thank You, Lord, For Everything”


The review for today is “Thank You, Lord, For Everything” by P.J. Lyons and illustrated by Tim Warnes. It falls in the genre of juvenile fiction, religious, Christian and Values and Virtues.

“Thank You, Lord, For Everything” is a rhyming book. The pages are cardboard. Inside this book you will find colorful illustrations on each page sure to delight the young child that is reading this book or if the book is being read to them. The message inside reinforces the title. That being, to be thankful for everything around you. It starts off with the day as a young bear wakes up in the morning and being grateful for everything. It moves on to being grateful for the food one is eating, the times you are playing with your friends to your family. This book could easily be read anytime of the day , it could be used as a learning tool for a youngster who is just learning about his faith.

This was a delightful book. One thing I liked about it is how a child can grow into this book. Even if the child can not read, the illustrations will surely catch their eye. A young child could easily use it as a teething ring and it would not cause much damage. It would still be there once they are a bit older and start to read.

It also didn’t take long to read as an adult which is perfect for a beginning reader. The words rhyme, the words are not too big so it would give a child the confidence in reading a book on their own to strengthen their reading. I will be giving the book to my new-born nephew to add to his collection.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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