“5 Minute Bible Stories”


The book for review is “5 Minute Bible Stories” by Gwen Ellis and illustrated by Steve Smallman. The book falls in the genre of juvenile non fiction, religion, Bible stories and general.

This book is exactly how the name state. A book about bible stories that take just a few minutes to read. The content starts off with stories from the beginning with the first day and so on. We also see stories of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Ruth, David and more It does not cover every book but those that I thought stood out with messages one could learn from.

It continues with stories from the New Testament about Jesus being born, John the Baptist, the life of Jesus and so on. The illustrations are appropriate for each story that is told. At the end of each short story is a question or a statement to think on.

This is a beautifully designed book. The young ones will really enjoy seeing them as the pages are turned. The words are short enough for a beginning reader to read for themselves or to simply enjoy if it s being read to them. It, to me, a great introduction to the Bible where it is not too overwhelming to the child but enjoyable enough for them to be interested in learning more. I really liked how it was set up. It be a great book to read with your child at night-time or anytime when you want to spend some personal time with your child.

The cover is soft which is great for little hands but sturdy enough to handle anything a child can dish at it. The book is precious enough that I will be giving it to my nephew for Christmas. It will be a great addition for him to build on.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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