“The Looney Experiment”



The book review for today is “The Looney Experiment” by Luke Reynolds. It falls into the genre of middle grade fiction.

Meet our main character Atticus. A child who is not athletic, not popular or pretty much of anything of importance. His father pressures him into playing baseball. His younger brother nags him to watch “The Never-Ending Story” even though Adrian has seen it every other day since he received it at Christmas. Their mother is doing the best she can keeping the family functioning.

This is your typical family household until the family’s world is turn around when their father leaves to find himself. Atticus doesn’t know what to think. School is no picnic for him either. At school he is bullied by Danny whose favorite name for him is Fatticus.

Failing at the baseball field where Danny’s dad is the coach to failing at school where Danny’s mom is on the school board to his dad leaving is just about too much for one young boy to handle. That is until Mr. Looney comes to the school to replace one of the teacher for a small while. And how he teaches and how he interacts with the students is one the students have never seen before.

This book was a quick read for me. I did enjoy the exchange between the characters in the book as it progressed. I was curious to see how it was going to end, what was going to happen to the bread crumbs the author left for us readers. I liked how the ending was not the ending I was expecting and that it worked out better than what I had in my mind.

However I do feel the book could have been a bit more meatier in some spots. Some sections the plots could have been more developed for an even better read.

A good book for children in this age group to dive into.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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