“Center of Gravity”


The book for review is “ Center of Gravity” by Laura McNeill. I would place this book in the genre of drama and mystery

Meet Ava Carson, a former school counselor but now a stay at home mom to her young son Sammy and her adopted son Jack. Life is good in her world with a loving husband by her side Mitchell, Jack’s dad. But life is not perfect as her husband starts to lose it. He works many hours and is obsessed with his job leaving his wife to handle the children and the home.

Slowly he unravels as the man that Ava fell in love with is melting down. Ava tries to hold her marriage and family together but he isn’t having any of that. Caught in the middle is Jack for one side is his dad and on the other his adopted mom who loves him as he is her own. He loves them both. Soon the boys are taken away, kidnapped leaving Ava alone in the house. But she isn’t safe as Mitchell strives to destroy her at every corner.

As Ava digs into her husband’s background she discovers his dad, who she has been told has died. And that is not the only secret she uncovers. With the help of Graham , her lawyer, Ava works on saving her sons and herself.

Each chapter is from a POV of one of the characters in the book. I have seen this done before but the way McNeill does it is amazing for it makes you want to keep on reading as you want to learn what is going to happen next page . The pace was really good and this book was read in two days. I couldn’t put it down for long.

This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review.

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