“Soft Target”

indexThe book for review is “Soft Target” by Rachel A. Brune. I would put it in the genre of action, drama and fiction.

Meet our main character Scott. He is a New York City cop who has experience in the military. The Army to be more exact. He is not fitting in to well with civilian life as he tries to volunteer, unsuccessful, on tours back to the Middle East. If he doesn’t figure it out he could be left out in the cold. Lucky for him he has not burned all his bridges as his friend Kyle saddles him with a job. One that involves sorting through intelligence and paperwork. It’s busy work in his mind but he is to stay put until further notice.

Does he listen? Of course not. Thanks to Mark who is a reporter looking to make a name for himself and rise up from the position he is in. He is relatively an unknown, doing reports on cauliflowers of all things. Until he starts getting emails, threatening emails, that could prove vital to the security of their nation. Pairing up, unwillingly, the two forge a duo to discover the root of the group behind the emails and recent attacks on them.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, the pace was great as the pages flew by. It didn’t take long to finish this novel. A good pick up if you are into action and adventure.

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