“Something Missing”


The book for review is “Something Missing” by Matthew Dicks. I would place this in the genre of fiction.

Meet our main character Martin. He’s a thief. But not your everyday run of the mill thief. He could come into your home and you would not even know he was there for all your big-ticket items would be left in tact.

He has clients, or that is what he calls the people he robs. But what does he take? Things you would never notice even if you tried. Some of his items could be two ounces of laundry detergent, a roll of toilet paper perhaps or condiments. He has rules that he abides by which has made him a successful businessman.

He is doing fine until he starts caring for some of his clients. Ones who are in danger if he doesn’t do anything. He’s a burglar not a hero. So what does he do? Ask his long gone father for advice. Sounds like a plan.

This is not the first book I have ready by Mr. Dicks. He didn’t fail me with this one. I loved it. I inhaled it. The characters were so well written The pace was amazing with me reading the book in mere days. It was impossible for me to dislike Martin. If that wasn’t enough, how the book ended did throw me for a loop. I didn’t see it coming. A great read and another awesome book from Mr. Dicks.

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