“Midnight In Peking”


The book for review is “Midnight in Peking” by Paul French.

Meet Pamela Werner, a young woman living in Peking, China with her father. She is allowed to run free as her father is much older and is more interested in his career than raising a daughter on his own, his wife passing away years ago. The time frame is slightly before WWII.

On a cold night in 137, Pamela is found murdered, her body mutilated, by the Fox Tower. This disrupts a peaceful China of natives and foreigners alike.

Her dad and the authorities are on the case as they try to figure out who could have possibly done this to the young girl. One big problem. Mr. Werner is not well liked in the area, a fact he is okay with. He has one job and that is to find out who killed his daughter and why.

This book at first threw me since it has no dialogue inside but it works, it works well. Mr. French has doe his research on this cold case file. And through much effort and with meticulous records by Mr. Werner, we get to see a overview of what happened to Pamela during this time so many years ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as the pages flew while I wanted to know also what happened to Pamela Werner. Well done Mr. French.

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