“The Curiosity Keeper”

CKThe book review for today is “ The Curiosity Keeper” by Sarah E. Ladd. I would place this in the genre of mystery and fiction.

Meet Jonathan Gilchchrist, the second born son of the Kettering Hall estate. This suits him fine. He prefers to do what he loves which is apothecary. He is happiest among his small cottage and bottles of medicine. He is a disappointment to his father. But Jonathan is left alone until his brother dies, the heir to the throne and he is now next in line.

It is not to his liking but it is bearable. Until his father Ian has him brought to their home. There has been a robbery. A priceless egg that has legend attached to it, the egg can be a curse or a blessing to the one who owns it.

Jonathan’s father compels him to find it and find it fast. All is not rosy at Kettering Hall. Ian has run into a lot of debt so massive it could mean losing their home. And to Jonathan’s sister her dowry meaning no marriage.

Meeting up with a friend of his brother, Jonathan is led to a small shop one that is owned by a gruffy, irritable shop owner by the name of Iverness who deals in selling and buying products for his shop whether it is legal or not. His daughter Camille helps with the books and customers. Does she know what her father is up to or is she innocent as Jonathan believes she is?

When I first started reading this book I felt it started off slow. The pace just did not pick up fast enough for me. But when it finally did, the pace was good. The characters were written well enough to where you could feel for them or root against them which to me is a plus. The description did help paint a picture of the background that was being depicted. A good read overall.

I received this book for free in exchange for a honest review.

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