“Unpaved Surfaces”


The book for review is “Unpaved Surfaces” by Joseph Souza. I would classify this as a mystery with a bit of drama entwined.

Meet Keith, father of four who lives in Holyhead, Maine. Well he use to be anyway, until his son Auggie goes missing. One minute he was there, the next he walks off. Or did he?

Keith is a chef, trained by profession but at the moment is a short order cook. It is all he can handle since the lost of his son. His wife busy herself self by lobbying for sidewalks to be made by the point where her son was last known to be at. It’s an uphill battle between her and he volunteers versus the rich whose properties would be impacted. But it fills her days.

Their three remaining children deal with the lost of their brother in various ways doing the best they can with what is left of their family and a shadow of a dad who is barely hanging on for himself let alone for his family.

Enter Gundersson, author of a book that Keith has inhaled and quoted since the family lost the little boy. A book that has given him hope and strength. Sadly, Gundy is anything but what the family expected, not the self-help guru for sure. But he can help, and that is what they need when it comes to finding out what happened to Auggie.

This book was received for free in exchange for an honest review. I read the book in two days, it would have been one day if life didn’t get in the way. The pace? Amazing. The characters? Amazing.

There was one character in the book I was a fan of in the beginning but near the middle I started to not like him as much. But that is okay. The book worked and worked well, very well and I was pleased the author asked me to read and review it.

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